Gruppo Daman

Gruppo Daman is an Italian company that has as main goal to help Italian large organizations, public and private, to maximize the business value of their technology infrastructures.

This goal is achieved by selecting innovative software products aimed at the Information and Communication Technology market for their distribution on the Italian territory.

The main purpose of these IT products is to increase the capacity to govern the technology infrastructures and the services that are delivered through them.

We are focused to the following three main areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Digital Trasformation

Our business model involves close cooperation with the most prestigious System Integrators who are committed to the proposition of high value solutions that are designed and created ad hoc for major italian clients.

In 2017, Gruppo Daman founded Cyber Guru to promote the development of a Cyber Security culture, enhancing the human factor in order to win the "war" against Cyber Crime. The company is focused on the Cyber Security Awareness, with its Cyber Guru product line - - which aim to increase the level of security of private and public organizations by acting on the awareness of individuals.

Se if you want to get in touch with Gruppo Daman, please write to:

Gruppo Daman Chi Siamo